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Published by admin on 30 Jul 2008

Fried green tomatoes?

DS went very quiet for ages (he’s only just 3).  I should have been alerted by the silence.  I wasnt, so here’s what he was doing in the greenhouse! Rather splendid greens

Then I shelled these for tea.  Rather pretty greens.

And then there were the lavender fields to inspire this.

I think there is a looming green/lavender phase lurking around the corner.

Also lurking and maybe even being tackled tomorrow are larger rovings. I have just spun half a 100g braid and got about 2/3 of a bobbin, but I’d like to have enough to fill up at least 2 bobbins in total, to make a decent length.  Hmmm.  Goes off to ponder……….

Published by admin on 27 Jul 2008

See what I’ve been making…

This is the first part of a little set of hat jacket and bootees, from Patons Little Babies, vol 2.  Flowers added to make it even prettier. Knitted in Sweet Feet SF4749.

Published by admin on 27 Jul 2008

Handpainted Yarn Heaven

We’re building our stock week by week, and this week we have an exciting new addition to the fold. I did some sneak peek pics, but they were all blurred! So you’ll just have to wait! Its a brand new 4ply yarn, and is very luxurious. It is indeed handpainted heaven! It’s just been a bit frustrating not being able to get as much done as I would have liked, especially as we have had splendid drying weather. The kids are off school, see, and are too young to self-entertain for too long, so park/swimming/picnics/country walks it is. Not that I am actually complaining. I am one of a minority, I suspect, who really enjoys them being home. We’ve worked hard to enable me to be at home as much as poss, and I truly feel lucky that I can spend so much time with them:-)

I’ve also been experimenting with Sweet Feet. It’s such a lovely 4ply that I thought it would work really well for baby clothes. Its super soft, anti-bac and machine washable. I’ve a little something to show you just to prove I was right (I like being right!). I’ll post progress separately so it can go in the gallery.


Published by admin on 23 Jul 2008

Important Anouncement and Apology

We’ve just discovered that the payment bit hasn’t been working properly, and noone could order…ooops! It has now been fixed, so sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to order. Please be assured that no money will have gone from your account – the process didn’t get that far. It is now fixed and fine to try again.

J & R

Published by admin on 18 Jul 2008

Shop enhancement!

Shop enhancement in progress. Mmmmmm colours…. Not only will there be these lovely Bluefaced Leicester, but two beautiful new laceweights. Plan A is to update the shop tomorrow. Do pop back then ;-J

Published by admin on 17 Jul 2008

Everybody’s at it

Spinning, that is! And I’m no exception.

I proudly present to you my first effort, spindled (is that a word?) from some APYarns Merino in rainbow colours.

Pretty, huh? I think it’s destined for a tea cosy. And here is the progress of the first Softee scarf. It was bigger than this, but the slip stitch pattern for the main body isn’t the one in the photo, so I frogged and invented a stitch which looks like it, which sits much more happily with the lace pattern than the printed one, and much more happily with me too!


Published by admin on 13 Jul 2008

The Artist’s Palette Yarns Gallery

Welcome to the gallery pages.

I’ve had the questions “what can you do with that?” and “what will it come out like?” asked. Pertinent questions too.  So this is where I’ll be showing you what can be done with these beautiful products. You’ll have to wait a bit though.  The first project is a scarf in Softee, and is just about half way done.

But not only am I going to show you what I make, but also what YOU make. I would LOVE to see what you guys do with my stuff.  All you need to do is pop a little pic to me via our email,  with a bit of info about the pattern if you like, and I’ll pin it up here.

So go, create!

Published by admin on 13 Jul 2008

Dear Reader

There’s probably only one of you, so this just for you!

Well, we’re still on track to open tomorrow… really, we are.  Rick may have been strangled, and the kids locked away in the cupboard under the stairs all weekend, but I think we’re there.  I’m sure we will have missed something really vital, but we have wine at the ready to steady our first-order-might-go-belly-up nerves.  Hopefully, dear reader, that won’t be you!

While I’m here, I’d just like to thank our web design man, Dene. He’s done a good job, hasn’t he.  And sooo patient!

Do join us tomorrow for virtual champagne and truffles…


Published by admin on 08 Jul 2008

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the Artist’s Palette Yarns blog.

We’ll be posting about all the goings on at APHQ, and anything knitty/yarny that grabs our attention along the way.

Here’s a little bit about us..

We’re Rick and Juliet. We started this company because I (Juliet) got addicted to yarn dyeing, and as there is only so much yarn one can knit in a single lifetime, we felt we needed to share it all with you guys.

I do all the interesting stuff, and Rick is ‘clever computer person’. He will also be wearing a groove between here and the Post Office with squishy parcels, only he doesn’t know it yet!

If you happen to be reading this before mid July, you will not be able to purchase anything yet, but products will be added over the next few days for you to look at. We hope to ‘open shop’ on Monday 14th.

Do come back and visit then.