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Published by admin on 22 Oct 2008

and we’re back for another week!

Yes, we have another Cotswold Craft Market this Saturday, the 25th Oct.  We’ve managed to get slipped in at almost the last minute, and shall be there in all our colourful glory.  Hurrah!

Don’t froget to mention the blog and claim your 10% saving.

Happy knitting folks, and see you on Sat :)

Edited to add, I’ve just noticed it has been 2 – whole – weeks since my last post, forshame!  I have some yarny goodness to tell you about too, and exciting needle news!

KNITPICKS  are soon to arrive in all their multicolour glory!  Yes, you did read that right – KNITPICKS!  I love these needles.  I like other wooden and bamboo ones too, but these are my sock knitting needles of choice, sharp and smooth.  We are starting with the most popular sock pins and the dpn sets.  If you guys like them, then we’ll gradually add more to the range.  Go on, like them, LIKE them.  I need an excuse to stock up on some more!

Yarny goodness when I get pics done…..

Happy knitting

Published by admin on 10 Oct 2008

Cotswold Craft Market 11th October

We will be there again this Saturday, our last regular slot until the new year :-(   We have already met loads of lovely knitters, felters and embroiderers, and some of you guys have even come back for more! It’s a part of the whole craft market thing that I just wasn’t expecting to be so good, but is by far the most rewarding part.  I love meeting you guys.  You have such lovely stories to tell, and let’s face it, I could talk about knitting ’til the cows come home!  I hope to see some of you again tomorrow, and don’t forget, if you say you read this blog, then you will get 10% off you whole purchase!! :D

Published by admin on 08 Oct 2008

Meet the Big Boys!

Here they are at last.  There may only be three of them, but they’re perfectly formed!  Soft as you like, because of the alpaca and merino, yet strong too, thanks to the bamboo.

They just come on three colours to start with, and there are either 5 or 6 of each, so there is enough for a garment.  I hope you like them :)

and here is what I have started with some I dyed earlier…….

Ysolda’s Liesl.