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Published by admin on 21 Nov 2008

Berry Hill Mittens

Here they are finished.  They’ve taken just one ball of Buttersoft dk.  I am in love :P

and now I’m half way through some merry christmassy ones

heart heart.

Published by admin on 17 Nov 2008

Well, where are the needles then?

I know, I know.  They haven’t arrived yet, but there is a good reason for that.  Knitpicks are changing their logo and packaging from 1st December, and they gave me the option of waiting a few weeks for the new stuff, which they didn’t have to do.  So that’s what were waiting for, meaning also that we will be one of the first retailers to have the new look products. Yipee! To further enhance your Knitpicks enjoyment, we will also be having some gorgeous, gorgeous fabric dpn cases, for that extra luxurious treat for someone, or for yourself!  Just have to wait a couple more weeks…………


Published by admin on 14 Nov 2008

Teach ‘em young

There is a bit of a nasty chest/throat/cough bug going round at the moment.  DH is on his 3rd day in bed, and now little DS has caught it, so they’re both in our bed suffering as only men know how to suffer.  He’s only 3, bless him, but he’s coming on a treat in his Man Flu lessons.  I shouldn’t really, but I think its quite funny.  Needless to say, I’d make a hopeless nurse!

Published by admin on 12 Nov 2008

London, here we come!

Our BIG NEWS is…

We are Yarn of the Month at Stash in London in December!

Michelle and Nathalie have invited us to showcase our yarns at their shop, starting with the Yarn Tasting evening on the 1st, for the month of December.  I have been on something of a dyeing marathon, squeezing it in between school runs, potty training, library assistant-ing, craft market-ing, knitting samples and wholesale orders.  Needless to say, the ironing pile is scaling new hights, and the rhubarb leaves are remaining where they fell, mouldering nicely amongst the weeds in the veg patch.  But no matter.  Yarn dyeing is much more fun than either of these, and I am just so chuffed that we’re doing this :D

If you’re down that way, then do pop in for a squeeze!  Internet piccies are OK, but they really are no match for a real life fondle, and it’s unlikely you’ll get the chance for a little while otherwise.  Go while you can!

All for now.  Off to dye some more Sweet Feet :-)

Juliet x

Published by admin on 11 Nov 2008

Just when I thought the time was right….

for a few pretty pics to liven things up, the camera decides to Be Naughty! The fault was intermittent, but it seems to have become permanent with this last batch of photos, so off to the menders it will have to go.  I don’t often get enthusiastic about updating my ravelry projects. It’s such a long winded procedure (’tis for me, anyway), so that bit will have to wait…again!

Well, I’m going to show you a pic anyway.  It’s about the best of the bunch.  I had the pleasure of meeting Thomasina at the weekend and later, as you do, looked her up in blogland only to discovered her lovely Berry Hill fingerless mittens pattern.  Just what I was looking for to show off what you can do with one ball of Buttersoft dk!  So here is dodgy pic…..

It is in Rainbow, and is much brighter than shown here, but you get the idea?  I love how it has patterned.  A bit sockish as it is done on circs and I really like how the striping has been stretched and pushed back when the number of stitches changes.  I’m hoping the other one will stripe up differently on the hand  – I started at a different place in the colour sequence on purpose.  I’m taking it to knitting tonight which means I will need markers for the gusset this time!  I’m really pleased with how the broken twisted rib has come out.  It gives a lovely texture.

If you’d like to see Rainbow in the shop, say Aye, and I’ll do some.  This particular batch is for a very exciting event coming up soon…….

Happy knitting :)