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Published by admin on 15 Jan 2009


It is January after all!  The month of The Sale, so here is mine.

All the laceweight yarn, with the exception of Glisten, as it is sparkly brand new, is on sale at 20% OFF.   So if you have fancied trying out some cobweb, but didn’t want to lay out lots of cash in case you found that you  and cobweb were never meant to go together after all (leave cobwebs to the spiders!), now could be the time to have a dabble.

Here is some Softee 100% Superfine Alpaca

some Lacewing, 90% Superwash Merino 10% Nylon:

Damsel  80% Extra Fine Merino 20% Silk:

and the luxurious Anna’s Lace  70% Babay Alpaca 20% Silk 10% Cashmere:

Happy browsing!  xx

Published by admin on 12 Jan 2009

Ooh look, there’s some new ones!

Here’s a preview of some new colours of Buttersoft dk in the big 100g size (for you T :) )and a couple more Glistens.  Our computer broke yesterday, so I cant resize the photos today to put them in the shop til ‘tech wizzard’ has mended the right bit, which will hopefully be tonight.








Aren’t they lovely.  I’m really liking how the silks are coming out.  xx

Published by admin on 07 Jan 2009

It had to happen sometime……

An inevitable price hike, that is :(

Some of the yarns have increased in price from the supplier, and as I start to use the new stock, I will have to make increases.  Not everything will go up, but the first is Sweet Feet.  All the Sweet Feet will go up on 1st Feb from £10.50 to £11.50.  So you’ve got the rest of this month to bag it at its current price!  The other increase is Buttersoft dk, though they’re having a bit of a relaunch anyway soon coz they’re now in big squooshy 100g skeins!  They will be £10.95



They are still damp here, and haven’t pooffed up yet.  They look like cotton here! 8)

Scrummy!  xx

Published by admin on 06 Jan 2009

Introducing shimmering gorgeousness……

This is Glisten.  It’s 100% Spun Silk and its for your lace projects!  There is 400 metres  of 2-ply in each 50g skein, making it a heavier laceweight than the cobwebs, and perfect for my favouritest Victorian Lace Today!  Heart heart!

Here are the first colours in very-nearly-almost-but-not-quite solids.  They will be £8.50 per 50g skein


Oooo, aye!

Oh, yes, and here is a plumptious skein of handspun from one of my superwash Bluefaced Leicester rovings.  I think I have almost managed my aimed-for DK weight mostly and this is destined for either this cable hat or this cable hat.  Decisions decisions.


Published by admin on 04 Jan 2009

Smile, Please!

Here are a few lovelies awaiting their photoshoot yesterday.  They are now in the shop.  You’ll have to scroll down to find them, as we can’t seem to get the new products to show at the top if the list!   Ho hum :)