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Published by admin on 27 Feb 2009

“…tell me where the Pop Sox is”

Spring is definitely springing.  The birds are really loud first thing in the morning.  There are snowdrops and croci everywhere (just in case you hadn’t noticed!), and there is at last a juicy shop update in progress.

Mostly it is Pop Sox.  There is also a little Softee, some Sweet Feet  and Buttersoft dk.  Here’s a taster of the Pop Sox.  I’ve had some good feedback from the knitting group I go to about the Pop Sox, how it is so much softer that the ‘regular’ sock yarns.  My husband is test wearing some which he has had since about mid November, and they continue to come out of the washing machine as good a new each time.  We’ll see how they are in a year or so!

So, here is some yarn candy………






And a new colour of Softee.

I’ve decided to reskein the Softee.  I think it gives a better indication of how the colours work for lace.  I would do the cobweb ones too, but I would need to inhabit a parallel universe to have the time, and have a bionic arm!


Happy knitting xxxx

Published by admin on 16 Feb 2009

Star Crossed again

Here is Chantelle’s lovely Star Crossed Beret. Don’t the colours work well with the texture?  It’s knitted on Big Softy colour 7005, and I heart it!  :D


pic courtesy C Smith

Published by admin on 02 Feb 2009

Big Softy Beauty

Here is Ali’s hat, knit in Big Softy bought at Stash, London.  The pattern is Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson.  Turned out rather nice, didn’t it!  :D


photo copyright A Irish