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Published by admin on 13 Mar 2009

Rules are meant to be broken, right?

I have two rules I stick by.  One regarding colour and the other regarding sock yarn content.

Rule One:

Lace yarn should mostly be semi-solid.  Maybe I would go as far as a muted multi.  Obvious reasons – the lace pattern would get lost in a madly coloured yarn.  Then out came the sun, swelling the magnolia buds in the garden, and unfurling the daffodils.  The birds cranked up their morning corus to a veritable din, and single colour yarn suddenly seemed so last winter.

Here’s what I mean…




See!  There are more muted shades too though!  This update is all Damsel, 80% Merino 20% silk, 1200m, and is in the shop now.

Rule Two:

Sock yarn must contain something in it to give it extra durability.  Mine have nylon, bamboo and tencel to help.  That is, until I got a sample amount of this in the post:


It is gorgeous!  It’s 100% Superwash Merino, and comes in at 400m per 100g.   It is a fine-ish sock weight,  I would say its ‘fingering’,  and has a smooth yet quite tightly spun appearance.  If any of you know Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, it’s very similar.  This makes me very happy,  ’cause Shepherd’s Sock is one of my favourite sock yarns!  There’s no nothing in it for strength, other than a tighter twist, which is why it has broken Rule Two!  It would be just lovely for lace projects, and I can picture it as a blimmin gorgeous Spiralucious, and matching mits, and infact, anything by Anne Hanson in sock weight yarn.  She has some fabulous wraps and shawls.

This yarn hasn’t quite got in the  shop yet, mainly because it hasn’t got a name.  There will be a little naming competition in a couple of days, as I am soooooo rubbish at naming things (hence all the colourways having numbers, not names!)  I’m going to open it up on Ravelry too,  probably in my section of the UK Traders group.  Prize, some of  said new luscious yarn!!

Watch this space!


Published by admin on 13 Mar 2009

Cotswold Craft Market THIS SATURDAY!

We will be at the Cotswold Craft Market this Saturday 14th March, in the lovely Cotswold town of Cirencester.  Do pop by and say hi.  There’s loads of other stalls too, and the town is really pretty.  There is usually a Farmers Market just outside in the main street,  so looooads to look at!