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Published by admin on 22 Apr 2009

KnitPro and Wonderwool

I’m not just taking the yarn to Wonderwool this weekend.  I think you deserve lovely things to knit my yarn with too, so I’m going to be taking all the KnitPro items I have,  leaving just a few of each in the shop.

The best bit is, I have lots more than there is in the shop at the moment.  I’ve got lots of the bits that are harder to find.  Here’s a list:

40cm cables

extra short tips in a couple of sizes to make really dinky circulars with the 40cm cables

cable connectors, to make not dinky at all circulars

2.5mm 250m long fixed circulars for magic loop

normal sized tips in 3mm and 3.25mm to complete the interchangeables set

view sizers, and last but not least…

sets of double ended crochet hooks.

I may have forgotten something, so there might be a surprise or two!  Phew.  And, never fear, for those of you not going to Wonderwool, it will all be going into the shop afterwards, in nice neat new categories.

I haven’t got any lovely colourful yarny fibrey pictures to show you, as I haven’t taken any!  But rest assured, you are in for a visual treat!  Here’s a little clue………”wall of colour”!

See you there  :D

Published by admin on 18 Apr 2009

…and the cupboard was bare.

I have to apologise for the rather sparse shelves at the moment, and lack of updates.  Oh yes, I have been dyeing my socks off! But it’s all for Wonderwool, you see.  The week after next,  everything I bring back will be put on the shelves, and I am planning a website overhaul too, with new goodies galore.

I am not taking every yarn.  I’m afraid Big Softy is taking a summer vacation, but will be back in time for cooler weather knitting.  There will be Buttersoft DK in 100g skeins, and some in 50g skeins for a super duper little kit I have been promising for ages.  There’s sock yarns, including my new Superwash tighter twist merino (scroll down to the last post for a pic),  Damsel cobweb lace  in many colours, Softee, Glisten and some blimmin’ gorgeous new silk yarns in 4ply and dk.  Lots of fibre too.  It’s so close now I am starting to look forward to it rather than dread it! Bring it on!


Published by admin on 09 Apr 2009

A Saturday in the gorgous Cotswolds, aka The Cotswold Craft Market

This Easter Saturday sees us at the Cotswold Craft Market in Cirencester.  Our newly renovated building is lovely, and new shops and a great cafe/deli are opening in the same building, The Corn Hall.  The farmers market should be outside in the main street too, so, being Easter and all, it should be a lovely busy day out.  Haven’t checked on the weather though…!

Here’s a random picture of yarn to prettify the post!


Smootherino, coming to the shop soon (after Wonderwool, but more about that later :) )