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Published by admin on 25 May 2009

Fiddlehead Scarf

Just take a look at this!  It is Anne Hanson’s Fiddlehead Scarf beautifully knitted for me by the talented Linz in time to be displayed at Wonderwool.

It is knitted with just one skein of Glisten, and Linz went down one needle size in order to showcase the yarn rather than the lace pattern.  It is so beautiful and drapes like a dream.


Published by admin on 19 May 2009

Wonderwool :)

Well, what a fantastic weekend.  I just have a few pictures of the stand.  I didn’t have time to get out and about until the end of Sunday, so I didn’t get to take any around the halls.

Here is a before and after -


and PING, almost finished -


If I can work out how to get emailed pictures on here, I will show you one of it in full swing!

My best bit was meeting people in real life whom I have only emailed, messaged, sent parcels to, chatted to on Ravelry and talked to on the phone.  I will only forget someone if I try and name you all, but let’s just say, you ALL made my weekend and made the very busy Saturday one of the most memorable and exciting days so far, ever!

Thankyou.  xxxx

Published by admin on 11 May 2009

Hand dyed yarn

Well, really.  There I am googling hand dyed yarn, and where am I?  Nowhere to be seen!  To put right this aberration and climb higher in the search engines, I’m going to unashamedly mention Hand Dyed Yarn lots!  There is some nice new Hand Dyed Yarn now in the shop, including Smootherino, at last.  Let me show you a picture of this lovely Hand Dyed Yarn.



The bottom one is a marl, and I have done these with lacey or cabley socks in mind.  This yarn lends itself to marling better that any of the others (it’s just amazing how differently similar yarns take dye) and I intend to do them in lots more colours.  I am just finishing the first of a pair of Cookie A’s Thelonious socks in the colour above, and I am really pleased with how it’s turning out.  The pattern calls for Louet Gem fingering, which is superwash merino like this one, so I think it is a good substitute.  I’ll put a picture up when it’s finished and I can get it on the blockers without first changing to a circular bendy needle.  About half way along the foot!

Oh, and… Hand Painted Yarn!!