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Published by admin on 25 Oct 2009

This week, I’ve been mostly….

…doing Woolsilk!

I’ve had these sitting on a shelf for a while, so it’s about time I shared them with somebody!

This is quite a new yarn in the collection, and is a limited addition.  Once it’s gone, it’s…..well…gone!

The yarn is a smooth, evenly twisted lace yarn, and with 800m to 100g is a heavyish laceweight.  It is 50% silk, giving it a lovely subtle sheen and soft drape, and 50% wool (of an unspecified variety).  The skeins are huge, and vary a little in weight, and so have different prices, but mosty they range from 140m to 150m per skein.  Loads and loads for a big shawl!  Here’s a peek at what’s gone in the shop today….



Published by admin on 06 Oct 2009

It’s not all gone……really!

You will find that the Smootherino, Smoothie Sock  and most of the Damsel has mysteriously vanished from the shop.  Do not panic…yet.  It, and lot’s more besides, is going to be trundling to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show.  My display will be part of the Artisan Yarns stand, and I’m taking this little lot down tomorrow and helping to  set up.

yarn for ally pally

Apologies for naff photo taken just now with OTT flash and very poor lights :$

I’m coming home after setting up, then going down for the weekend, which I’m seriously looking forward to.  I love the exhibitions at these shows.  For me, they make the entrance fee worthwile all by themselves.

Maybe I’ll see you there :D