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Published by admin on 16 Nov 2009

This week I’ve been mostly…

…trying not to panic!

You may have noticed that there is hardly any sock yarn in the shop.  Fear not, my knitty chums,  it’s all going to Harrogate for the Knitting and Stitching Show.  Nothing ever sells out, so there will be some replenishment next week.  The yarn will be on  the Artisan Yarns stand.  There will be lots of sock yarn with some quite shocking yellows and purples (scroll down!), and some of the lovely Berry Hill fingerless mitten kits which include a 50g skein of Buttersoft dk dyed specially for the kits, a set of KnitPro 3.25mm dpn’s, 3 stitch markers and the pattern, all presented in a pretty organza gift/project bag!

And just so you know what to look for , turn to page 55 of this month’s Yarn Forward (issue 20).  The pic (the one with the socks) is uncredited, BUT. IT’S. MY. YARN :D   :D

And whilst all that is going on, I’ll be dyeing up more soft gorgeousness for your delight and delectation…

Happy knitting x

Published by admin on 11 Nov 2009

This week I’ve been mostly…

Contrasting, coordinating and clashing!

Do let me explain..

The Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry has a challenge each month, and every other month the challenge is a mystery sock pattern.  4 clues, each released a week apart and this month it is slipped stitches in colour, aka mosaic knitting.  I haven’t done any colourwork socks, and I haven’t done any colourwork projects at all, come to think of it, since a jumper covered in Llamas that I knit in the 80’s that didn’t fit.  And so, in the spirit of challenge, I was up for it!

Here’s my first sock cast on and half way through clue 2, the leg.

red green clue 2

Then, inpsired by some of the fabulous eye-popping combos that others were knitting, I decided I must have a bright purple/fushia to go with the bright sunshine yellow left over from the September mystery socks.  I hadn’t got any, so I had to dye me some!

yello purple cuff

And then..  I was so inspired by the contrasts that I dyed some Smoothie Sock in lots of opposites.  The combinations are endless, some bright, some more subtle, but here are some favourites..

SS1022-cSS1027-c SS1030-cSS1028-c

SS1032-cSS1029-c SS1031-cSS1025-c

and so they go on.  This latest batch would also contrast rather nicely with some of the blues and greens from the last Smoothie Sock installment.

I’m  also inspired to try Ysolda’s new mitten pattern in some of these combos – the fingerless version would be such a good way to use up sock leftovers too.  I’m suddenly finging myself interested in colourwork!  Who’d have thought it?

Published by admin on 02 Nov 2009

This week I’ve been mostly……

…..having fun!

Half term has been upon us – some pics in a minute , but first… I have been reorganising the Buttersoft, and adding a few more colours.  I have quite a few semi solids, and as I was sorting them out in the shop I noticed how good they would be for a bit of colourwork.  What says you?

buttersoft semi solids

You may find some colourwork inspiration on this lovely blog.

I’ve also been spinning.  (LOTS of fun!)   Here is a singles from a braid of merino I sneakily kept back for myself at Wonderwool!  It is my first proper spun-on-purpose single, about dk weight, and I have still to complete the second skein.  I’m pretty chuffed with it – I’m thinking slouchy beret..

spinning merino singles

Then there was Croome Park with lots of space for running around,

croome park house

molehills to dig up,

croome molehills

and ladybirds to examine!

croom examining ladybirds

There were dozens of them.  Here is just one!

croome ladybird

And, being autumm, lots and lots of leaves to throw at each other.

croome leaves

Then there was Halloween.   The hair started off all Morticia, but after 2 years in the dressing up box it’s definitely more Russell Brand!


Well, I think  that’s enough frivolity.  Back to work………. blues and greens Smoothie Sock to put up in the shop…..

Happy knitting xx.