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Published by admin on 30 Apr 2010

Well, hello there!

So, Wonderwool is done and dusted, and much fun was had.  There were so many smiley people, and I love the whole setting up shop/stallholding thing and meeting lots of lovely people, all connected together with a common love (or maybe obsession!) of all things fibrey.

Here is a supercute fluffy thing who was inhabiting the stand opposite.  Just look at those tufts!

angora bunny

and here is the Artist’s Palette Wall.

apy yarn wall

What you can’t tell from this is that the yarn is  (mostly – it was day 2!) 3 skeins deep!

There is lots left and it will be uploaded onto the site in batches.  We are trying to get out heads around a new way of updating, which will make it much quicker in the long run to enter all the data and pics, and will result in a one-press upload onto the site.  The first one will be sometime today, fingers crossed, which will be the Smoothie Sock.  Due to the way the site works, the new entries will appear underneath the current entries.  We’ll see how it goes.  I can’t tie it down to a time yet though.  I suppose you could say it’s still in it’s Beta phase!  Here is a little taster of what’s to be added..


Next post – fluff!

Published by admin on 21 Apr 2010

We’re off to Wonderwool!

A mountain of new yarn, lots of  fibre, and stock from the shop will all be making its way to The Royal Welsh showground in Builth Wells this weekend.  Here’s a hint of what might be in store…….

swirl 1swirl 2swirl 3

swirl 4swirl 5swirl 6

Smoothie Sock painted landscapes!

It would be lovely to see you there  :D