I’ll be there!!!

I’m not on the official list, but I will have my mini-wall of colour making up part of the Artisan Yarns stand, number 119.

I’ve been dyeing, dyeing and dyeing some more!  I shall be taking mostly Smoothie Sock, my favourite of all my sock yarns, and some of my lovely alpaca, silk and cashmere Anna’s Lace.

I decided early on to concentrate on the aspect of dyeing I like the best – the colour- rather than many different yarn bases. They will all be non-pooling colours.   I am especially pleased with these two..

The first is a really deep bronze with bronzy greens and plum, and all the warm browns that a mix of the two makes.  The second is an amazingly saturated olive green.  In fact I like them so much, I am going to keep some skeins all to myself!   To knit a Tempest!

Might get it finished for autumn…….2015

Happy knitting  :D