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Published by admin on 26 Jan 2011

All in a spin

I’ve got the spinning bug real bad.  I’ve been quite taken up with thinkng about the spinning possibilites within a single bump of fibre, and it can get me just a little over excited.  I’ve got quite a few little experiment-y projects to share, but I’ll begin with quite a straightforward one.  Here’s the fluff…bfl in F0008…

Bobbins full of singles.  Have I ever mentioned just how much I love bobbins of singles.  I love them more than fluff and I even love them more than finished yarn.  Here they are…worsted spun…

and here’s the yarn.  Roughly sportsweight, 2 plies and very squooshy, along with its teeny n-plied pup.  I have quite a collection of last-bits-of-singles-n-plied-mini-skein-pups.  When I’m 83, I’m going to sit and knit them all into a mitred squares blanket :D   I should have enough in this plump skein to knit an Ishbel for dtr, though I might do a Travelling Woman instead, just coz I haven’t done one yet, and dtr won’t really know the difference ;p

You will find a little fluff in the Fibre section, and there will be more soon.  Told you I’d got the bug :D

Published by admin on 19 Jan 2011

Sweet Feet

Just when you thought there would never be any more……. there’s been a little Sweet Feet update!  It’s the last I’ll have.  I’ve loved having the bamboo mix, with it’s lovely drape and slight sheen.  Brilliant for shawls – I’ve worn my Forest Canopy more than anything else I’ve knit and it still looks good. Here is a little taster…