There has been some more spinning.  Did I mention I have joined the Spunky Eclectic fibre club?  No?  Well, I did, in October.  I’m loving having fibres that are a little harder to get hold of in the UK, and Amy’s colours are great.  The November fibre was long and lustrous Masham in a colourway called Emerald City, hard to get here even though Masham town itself isn’t a million miles away.  Pondersom.

Anyhoo, this is my first SE spin and I decided I wanted big warm legwarmers to stop my lower reaches turning to stone in my chilly kitchen when I ‘m standing dyeing for hours on end. and here it is..

I tried for one ply spun thick and thin, and the other spun more evenly, and I think it worked!  It’s a very bulky yarn but I cant tell you just how bulky, as I haven’t measured it yet.  Just to give an idea, there is 3/4 lb here, or 314g in new money, and it’s nice and plumpy squooshy wooshy.  Now, I would cast on, but I have some more on the go.  The January fibre…

which is s/w merino bamboo, in Fruity Drinks by the Pool.  I am spinning insey winsey teeny tiny singles, probably the finest I have spun, to make a 3ply light fingering weight sock yarn (I hope!).  It’s a lot of spinning!  And I am enjoying every inch of it.  One and a half bobbins has taken just a leeetle bit longer than the entire Fat Fat yarn above ;p.  This first bobbin is just split in two lengthways for long colour runs, and the second, which is on the wheel, is stripped down to about 10 thin strips for really short colour runs.  The third will be short runs too.  I am so looking  forward to casting on and seeing how the colours fall, unless of course, another spinning project just happens along….

Happy things :)