Yup, I’m dreaming fibre at the moment!  I’m spinning for a TappanZee, and, frustratingly, have not finished yet.  Life keeps getting in the way, and I really want to start the knitting!  There’s a spin/knit along in the Spunky Eclectic group on Rav specially for us wot ‘aven’t done a whole hanspun sweater before, and are scared stiff of it being a yukky misfit after all that work. Hand holding at it’s best!

Anyhoo, I have some new fibre for the shop, and I’m proud to present my new Shetland to you.  It’s lovely and springy and comes from Shetland sheep living on the Shetland Isles.  I have a natural coloured base and a Moorit base, which is a warm reddish brown.  I’ve dyed some of the Moorit first, as I was eager to see how the colours would work.

I am now dyeing largish batches of each fibre colour. They won’t be repeated once they run out, but there is plenty for a larger project or two.

I’ve even thought of actual names!  This one is Damask on moorit;

and this is Slippery Rocks on moorit.  Moody colours.

Merino Tencel is also back on the menu and the first colour is..


They’re in the shop right now!