Welcome to the Artist’s Palette Yarns blog.

We’ll be posting about all the goings on at APHQ, and anything knitty/yarny that grabs our attention along the way.

Here’s a little bit about us..

We’re Rick and Juliet. We started this company because I (Juliet) got addicted to yarn dyeing, and as there is only so much yarn one can knit in a single lifetime, we felt we needed to share it all with you guys.

I do all the interesting stuff, and Rick is ‘clever computer person’. He will also be wearing a groove between here and the Post Office with squishy parcels, only he doesn’t know it yet!

If you happen to be reading this before mid July, you will not be able to purchase anything yet, but products will be added over the next few days for you to look at. We hope to ‘open shop’ on Monday 14th.

Do come back and visit then.